Thursday, September 4, 2008

पोस्ट पर क्लिक कर बड़ा करने के बाद जरूर पढ़ें

Relif materials may be delivered at Asha Vikash Pariyojna's Bhagalpur office.
Address -
Alok allias Ashok Kumar
District Co-ordinator
Asha Vikash Pariyojana
Office - Baal Shamrik Vidhyalaya
Noorpur (Near BRC Building), Nathnagar
District - Bhagalpur 812006
Cell No - 09234828161, 09852543881

Relief money may be sent alos in to our flood relief account directly and DD can be made in favour of Asha Vikas Pariyojana, Flood Relief Fund State Bank of India, payable at Nathnagar Bhagalpur. SBI Account No - 30475764609.
Request - Please send a letter also regarding relief money.

We are trying to collect relief materials here locally hoping your further concern.
Details of urgently needed relief Matterials as below :

Food Materials :
Drinking water, Clorine tablets, Rice, Pulse, Salt, Spices, Haldi, Flour, Potato, Onion, Salt, Chura (Poha), Gud (Shakkar), Sugar, Tea, Mustard oil, Vegetable oil, Ghee, Dalda, infant baby's milk, powder, Dermicool Powder, Bottle and Nipple, Horlicks, Health Drink, chocolate, Soyabin burri, Besan burri, Sewai, Biscuit, Namkeen, Mixture, Chips, Pestry, Papad, Noodles, Sattu or Gram.

Medicines :
Health checkup kits, Diarrhoea Medicine, Cough syrup, Medicine for fever, Medicine for Malneutrition, Cotton, Bandage, Skin Cream, Quadriderm cream, Savlon, Antiseptic Cream,
First Aid Medicines etc.

Kitchen Matteial :
Tava, pateela, Handi, Karahi, Balti, Mug, Belan-Chauki, Thali, Glass, Katori, Plastic Dubba (of 10,5 and 1 KG)
Cloths :
Saari, Petikot & Nara, Blouse, Dhoti, Lungi, Gamchhi (Towel), Half & Full pant, T-Shirt, full Shirt, Salwar Suit, Dupatta.

Kids cloths

Napkin, Cotton Cloth (White & coloured)
Cosmatics :
Hair oil, Soap, Detergent cake and powder, Hair band and rubber, Mirror, Comb, Sindur, Bindi, Bangle, Baby's Powder, Oil and Soap, Baby's Napkin, Cotton Cloth, Toys for Baby.
Other things :
Mombatti (Wax), Matchbox, Torch, Battery, Mosquito Coils with Stand, Plastic Sheets, Rope, Plastic Bags, shoes, shoks, Slipper (Hawai Chappal), Designed tent for temparory latrin, Dari, Chadar, Pillow, bed, bed sheet, forlding coat, Toys for Kids, Umbrella,
Lalten & Coal Stove (if possible).
Hoping your positive response very soon.
Alok Kumar
District Co-ordinator
Asha Vikas Pariyojana
Baal Shramik Vidhlaya
Near BRC Building
Noorpur, Nathnagar
District - Bhagalpur
Pin Code - 812006
Cell No - 9234828161

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Donors can make a secure online donation through GiveIndia towards Abhiyan and GENVP's relief efforts.

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