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एक स्‍वागत योग्‍य पहल

हम यहां एक ई पत्र दे रहे हैं, जो कि भारत ज्ञान विज्ञान समिति की ओर से जाने माने समाज विज्ञानी एवं शिक्षाविद विनोद रैना ने अपने मित्रों को भेजा है। बिहार बाढ आपदा से निपटने के लिए यह एक दीर्घकालिक और सुनियोजित रणनीति है, जिसका स्‍वागत होना चाहिए, इससे आपको जुडना चाहिए और ऐसा करने के लिए दूसरों को प्रेरित करना चाहिए।

Dear Friends,
After a somewhat spontaneous and unorganised response to the devastating Bihar floods by BGVS activists residing in the affected districts (many of them being victims themselves), BGVS has now geared itself to work through 7 organised camps, as per the enclosed plan.
The cost for each camp is estimated to be around 400,000 rupees for two months. As a matter of policy, BGVS does not accept funds that invoke FCRA clearance and conditionalities. However any kind of donation from within the country (India) accounts would be most welcome. Please also circulate this amongst such individuals and networks that you know. Any such donations, in the name of 'Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti' may please be sent to:
YWA Hostel No. 2
G-Block, Saket
New Delhi 110 017
The accounts of such funds shall be maintained in a separate 'Bihar Flood relief Account', which will be audited and made public as soon as the efforts are over.

In solidarity,
Vinod Raina
Please also contact the BGVS General Secretary: Asha Mishra at "asha mishra"



BGVS Bihar is active in all the seven flood affected districts, having better organizational strength in three districts, namely, Madhepura, Saharsa and Supaul. BGVS activists started work in these districts from the very first day; mobilizing food and other resources from the community. It also set up three relief camps in Saharsa district. Governmental efforts for relief and rescue appear feeble and inadequate as of now and need to be augmented. The condition of the affected people continues to be extremely distressing. The immediate need is to rescue people; otherwise their lives will be lost. The responsibility of a grassroots organization like BGVS is to help the people. After assessing the needs of the people and its organizational strength, BGVS has decided to continue its work in 11 blocks of 3 districts of Bihar.


  • To provide immediate relief by providing food, clothes and water.

  • To provide proper health and sanitation facilities.

  • To provide relief from trauma by involving the people in creative activities.


The strategy is to run 7 camps in 11 blocks of 3 flood affected districts. In each camp around 300 families or an average of 1000 people will get relief.

In each camp, 15 full-time activists will undertake the tasks. Along with support resource persons, about 150 full-timers will work in these camps for two months. A coordination office will be established in Saharsa district from where all the efforts will be facilitated and monitored.

The Area

BGVS will cover the following areas in the next two months:




Camp Point



1. Madhepura

2. Muraliganj

3. Kumarkhand

4. Shankarpur

5. Singheshwar

1. Budhma

2. Baishardh

3. Shankarpur



1. Saurbazar

2. Patarghat

3. Sonbarsa

4. Patharghat

5. Manori



1. Chhatapur

2. Triveniganj

3. Pratapganj

6. Chhatapur

7. Pratapganj

The Structure

- Formation of a 7 member of state level coordination committee

- Formation of 11 member district level coordination committee in 7 districts

- Formation of 21 member of Camp level coordination committee in 7 Camps

The programme

i. Provide proper food and accommodation

BGVS will construct temporary structures for 250-300 people at each camp. Each camp will have two tents, one for males and another for females. Apart from this, two activity halls and one kitchen will be constructed. The camps will be established in nearby schools, BDO office or community centre, where one cloak will be established to keep the belongings of the people safely.

ii. Organisation of Health Camps

In each camp health camps will be organized for the whole month. Doctors will be mobilized from BGVS units in other states. A team of 3-4 doctor's will remain for 10 days in each camp, providing proper treatment and medical facilities to the people.

iii. Creative activities

The presence of people in these camps provides an opportunity for many activities, which will also keep the people engaged. Some of these activities could be:

a. Activities for children like Balmelas, children books, etc.

b. Janvachan, of interesting books

c. Video and Film Shows

d. Literacy Classes

e. Celebration of festivals and other days.

f. SAMTA Mela (Women's Mela)


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