Wednesday, September 10, 2008

. . . Our Long Term Initiative Starts Today

We strated our initiatves just after 24 hours of breach on evening of 19th augast, Running through all the affected areas up to Kusaha(Nepal) taken 4 days. But, that was the process of understanding the disaster, which resulting into initiatives. Small initiatives were for temporary rilief, but now with the support of friends we are in the position to start some initiatives for long term.
We have a plan to work in 5 most affected areas. Today we are starting survey at self evolved camp of Duania Canal. On the basis of survey we will distribute relief & organise medical camp. During all these work we will do assesment to strat our initiatives for livelihood & advocasy for compensation as per Calamities Relief Fund(CRF). We plan to work with the active paricipation of community. Group at the village level will work as pressure group & this group will aware community about CRF norms. We are going to print 5000 copies of summary of CRF norms in one page. Advocasy & Livelihood intiatives demands patient support at all front so we plan it in long term.
Our 25 volunteers are supporting Bihar Rural Livelihood Projects for surveying lost & found victims at 71 governmental & uncountable community camps of Madhepura district.
With the support of OXFAM, our ten vounteers are working to avail temporary relief & medical need of victims.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Team,

Humne kahin padha tha ki 1 aur 1; 2 nahi 11 hote hain...aur aap logon ne ye sabit kar diya hai...hum log un 11 mein bhale hi na ho...par ye yakin dilate hain ki ye jung humlog apne tarike jaroor jeetenge...

Hamari subhkamnayein aapke saath hain...aur jitna ho payega hum apne taraf se poori koshish karenge...

Your Team

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